Revolutionary But Gangsta — Dead Prez x DJ Drama release timely mixtape fire

Turn Off The Radio Vol. 4

Author:  David Math

It’s that curl in the afro

That twang on the guitar – 12 string on the sitar –

That Coltrane saxaphone – blowing like a cigar –

Malcolm by the window with his finger on the trigger.  (c) RBG

With the new RBG-powered Dead Prez x DJ Drama “Revolutionary But Gangsta” mix-tape comes a summer anthem that motivates, sobers up, and super-charges the listener hungry for substantive, raw, and unbridled realism over street-thumping soundscapes.

As Drama proclaims on the stand-out “Soul Power”:

“…we can agree that some of this sh!t done got outta control right?  We ain’t gonna take you to far-left though – we gonna stay street…stay revolutionary – it’s only right!”

Indeed – that’s exactly what the RBG crew does over a variety of industry instrumentals main-stream audiences will surely recognize.  While re-doing pop-rap records is always a risky maneuver in mix-tape format – the sheer master-presence of Sticman, M-1, and the RBG-massive laced each track with raw bars of vintage witty DPs word-play – matched with a fluid conceptual strain throughout the mix-tape that has the head-nodding recklessly and the mind stirred-up for revolution.

The undeniable banger is “Malcolm, Garvey, Huey” feat. Divine – which parodies the club-favorite “Beamer Benz or Bentley” with vintage DeadPrez PeopleArmy revolutionary fervor:

For many – this mix-tape is nostalgic of Dead Prez classics like “Let’s Get Free” – “RBG” – and the consistent Turn Off The Radio mixtape montage that can snap you out of a commercial day-dream and have you ready to do duty in the gym, in the classroom, in the streets, on the homefront, or anywhere else where the guerilla-motivational lyricism and god-hop street beats of Dead Prez can find you.

If you only download one mix-tape this summer – let this  be it.

Lets Get Free! Download at


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