Waris Husain: Some Positive Energy for your Morning

Today, I thought I’d start off the day with some esoterics and philosophy. Bulleh Shah was a renowned Sufi Mystic and is thought to be a saint by some. Sufism is a humanist approach to Islam mixing in theories from Buddhism and Hinduism- they say that each person has a part of Allah/ God/ Yahweh within thier essense. So they believe in the preservation of the human and animal spirit as a method of attaining closeness to Allah/ God/ Yahweh and enlightenment.

Some exerpts from his writing:

In the transcendence of the finite to the Infinite; all disputes of religion, of good and evil, disappear. To Bullah now all began to appear as virtuous; none seemed to him as evil or a stranger.

Remove duality and do away with all disputes;

The Hindus and Muslims are not other than He (God).

Deem everyone virtuous, there are no thieves.

For, within every body He (God)  himself resides.

How the Trickster has put on a mask!

It is said I that “once Bulleh Shah was engaged in meditation inside his chamber. It was the month of Ramzan. Some of his disciples were sitting outside eating carrots. After some time a group of orthodox Muslims who were keeping the fast happened to pass them. When they saw the disciples sitting at a faqir’s abode and violating the fast, they were enraged. ”

 They shouted in an angry voice, ” Are you not ashamed of eating in the month of Ramzan, and that also at the abode of a faqir (begger)?”

The disciples replied, “Brother believers, take your path. We are feeling hungry. That is why we are eating.

The group of believers felt suspicious about their faith. So they asked, “Who are you?” They replied, “We are Muslims. Don’t the Muslims feel hungry?”. The believers again commanded them to stop eating, but the disciples did not heed. The believers who were on horses, alighted. They snatched the carrots from the hands of the disciples, and threw them away. They also gave a few blows to them.

As they were about to leave, it struck them that the pir of these impious people must have been cast in the same mould. So they turned back to ask him what kind of instruction he had given to his disciples. They went to his chamber and said, “Who are you?” Bullah who was meditating with his eyes closed, raised his arms and moved his hands. They asked him again, “Why don’t you speak? Who are you?” Bullah once again raised his arms. The riders taking him to be a mad man, went away. Soon after they left, the disciples entered the chamber, raising a hue and cry that they had been beaten. Bullah told them that they must have done something to provoke the believers. The disciples denied to have done any such thing. Bullah said, “What did they ask you?” The disciples replied, “They asked us who we were, and we said we were Muslims.”

Bullah retorted, “That’s why you were beaten. You became something and you suffered. I didn’t become anything, and they said nothing to me.”


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