Waris Husain- Suffi Musical Spiritualism

As I have discussed previously, a certain strain of Islam that more people should know about is Suffiism. There are lots of analogies one can use to describe them- think Rastafarianism is to Christianity as Suffism is to Islam. While there are several schools of Suffis, many explain that one can be a Suffi without knowing it- as they acknowledge a one-ness between themselves, their society, and their environment as the only true “rule.” Each individuals path is different.

One of the central teachings of Suffi leaders has been that humans should find methods to channel a deeper subconsciousness or to induce trance states. The Whirling Dervishes did this spinning  motion while dancing to music because they believed it would put them in a trance so they could truly focus without disruption on their spirituality. Music has been a part of Suffi traditions from its start, and the following is one mystic who utilizes his drums to induce trances amongst his audience.


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