David Mathew- Explanation to Symbology of MI6 Insignia (as seen on last post)

The logo for MI6 (England’s Secret Intelligence Service)

The logo embodies the pyramidal/triangular symbolism of the 3 powers that are ushering in Novus Ordo Seclorum — that being:  (1) The U.S. (military); (2) London (financial); and (3) Israel (religion) —

The M16 logo closely resembles the Annuit Coeptis logo found on the back of the dollar-bill – with the “all-seeing” eye hovering atop the pyramid – signifying illumination and separation from the bottom portion of the pyramidal scheme.

The “eye” in this logo signifies many things – but in this context it
appears to signify the eye of Osirus
or the ‘Third Eye’ which is only visible to a few privileged/elite
masters of worldly knowledge.  However – unlike
traditions of mysticism and spirituality that refer to the Third Eye
as the sub-conscious – or soul window – which
is activated via the purification and ascension of the spirit — in
this context – the Third Eye signifies those
who hoard earthly knowledge/information/wisdom –  minus the ascended
spiritual activation.  Here –
the eye is placed atop the pyramid – signifying the existence/presence
of these third-eye activated/illuminated elites who hoard
knowledge/wisdom/intelligence/information and keep it hidden from the
mainstream (lower portion of the pyramid).

As secrecy continues to pervade our society and global framework in this Brave New World of globalization – it’s clear that reality is defined vastly differently – depending on who you ask.”



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