Riz Khan Interview with Slavoj Zizek: Are We Living in the End Times?


Capitalism functions inherently not as private equities of greed, but almost as a kind of religion, Profit matters. Things must expand.  Things must develop and even if we all go to hell it has to reproduce itself.

Don’t blame morality where a much more systematic forces are at power. Morality is always here, the question isn’t whether people are moral enough but why cant they act in a moral way.

 [You can have] No ethnic cleansing without  poetry. You need to arouse people to do something as horrible as ethnic cleansing. You need some kind of ethnic national myth which gives to people the perverse strength to kill other people, for this you need something spiritual- poetry.  

Tolerance is a suspicious notion, it means yes lets tolerate each other but it also means don’t harass me, which means remain an appropriate distance away from me. If you scratch the surface you will also discover that the “other” that more liberal multiculturalists are ready to tolerate is what I ironically refer to as decaffeinated “other”. You know how we have products deprived of their poisonous substance, decaf coffee, fat free choclate- so on. It seems to me that people also want decaffeinated “other”. So tolerance is a confused disorienting term.

The problem with climate change is that it cannot be resoloved at the moral and legal level. This is for me the problem with President Obama, who I appreciate very much,  with his reaction to the Lousiana Coast oil spill. He treated it simply another issue of locating finding the culprit, punishing it and so on. For me the problem is not BP, it might have happened to another company probably,the problem is a more global one. Our way of life. How are we going to get ready for big changes ahead of us. 

You remember a half a year ago when the Taliban invaded temnporarily occupied the Sway valley in Pakistan. Predominantly the media reported oo another fundamentalist attack and so on. But in some media you found some missing details- the whole Swat valley was a neo-feudal domain. All land was practically owned by 20-30 rich families. This is how the Taliban won there- not by some Islamic fundamentalism, but by telling to poor people lets get rid of the rich landowners.

 I will give you an apparently contradictory answer: There is light but the only way to light is to courageously confronting darkness


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