Good Morning Fellow Sovereigns- MORNING INSPIRATION

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

People who love peace must always come to such meatings in order to find themselves. Becasue when you share with each other, then you can understand more about yourself and about the other. You can find your mistakes from you others when they advise you can you can find thier mistakes when you advise them. Thats what keeps everything in harmony. Thats What Rumi wanted when he said ” I dont know myself, I am Zorastrian, or Christian, or jew or that, I am everything” Let us share, let us be together. let us mix together let us mingle together let us unite togethe rin order that we can bring a happy musical life to humanity.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said human beings are equal like the teeth of a comb are equal. What differs a king form a normal common poor person.  Nothing.  Both of them going to die one day both of them going to be burried one day. What shares them together is that love if they love each other. If that relationshiop grows with each other itkeeps the memories, it keeps the reputation, it keeps the good character, the symbol that this one was this this one was that. That is what is left behind, there is nothing left behind.

I hope that I was able to find myself through you. Because it awkwaend me up to look into my mistakes adn try to correct myself. When I look at history and find all these interfaith, today they say we have interfaith lets make interfaith. Of course interfaith is important, and it was before, it happened in many religions and beliefs. It happened it integrated in everyone, everyone is unique, this one is red, yellow, white. Let everyone be everyone. Let him be herself or herself. But let us be together like these flowers white adn red. They are together- they give a nice flavor, if they were red, its one flavor. There are many colors many flavors. We are one garden with different colors- thats whats important.

If we can find ourselves, we can achieve a lot. I read on the bulletin board outside- lost and found…. Read that word lost- and – found. Because we cannot find ourselves if we are not lost, so lost is a requirement. Dont say we dont want to be lost- no no its ok lose yourself for sometime especially to teenagers. They think they have to be lost but you have to know that you cannot taste sweet without tasting sour. Tasting the sour gives you how much the sweet is important, how much you can feel the happiness when you being to feel a little bit of sweetness after a lot of sourness you find yourself very happy.


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