Waris Husain Editorial- A Conversation of False Dichotomy

Unfortunatly I cant refute what the speaker was saying in terms of MSAs in America and the radicalization of Muslim youth around the globe but especially here at home. I have had experiences with some of these kids and I have had experience debating against people like Horowitz on this issue. Whats most interesting to me  is that both these sides hate each other with such zeal that they cant understand how simliarly dichotomous thier world view is- an ill plauging teh entire planet as we all become increasingly more radicalized for different purposes. The state of action by Israel over the last few decades shows this radicalization even in their elected officials who are being chosen from further right hardline groups each year. The same is happening in the U.S. where once we entourned Japanese people because they “couldnt be trusted inherintly” during World War 2, now we catagorize anything Muslim as equating terrorist… just as our enemies equate the U.S. with the same thing. This reveals the kind of dicotomous perspective that gives credibility and legitimacy to the horrid violence by either side that kills innocent people, indiscriminate of which side they are from because both sides think that they cant be reconciled.
Thats the problem both of this conversation and with the world- an increasingly black and white view. What was most interesting to me was that girl really was speaking as a lot of young Muslims think but also what Horowitz said was as radical at tiems- “Look at you wearing that terrorist scarf” (a khafea which was worn by bedoins jewish and arab for hundreds of years) or that somehow the beliefs of a person could be broken down into one convoluted question about Hamas but it was a good question question. It revealed the speaker’s dicotomous view (ie if you support Hamas then all of what you say is discredtied and lumped the student in the same catagory as hardline extremists- even though that girl could probably have been murdered by those same hardline extresmits just for going to school in some Muslim countries like Saudi and Afghanistan.

The reason why the question was both convoluted and great was it is an incredible way to shine light on the confusion amongst young muslims as well. This generation of young Muslims  have been indoctrinated and have fully  convoluted religion and politics. The political struggles of Palestine/Israel and Kashmir have been painted by both the decision makers and the people involved as conflicts of religion… as some sort of Biblical/Koranic battle of the ages that has to be faught based on the birth-religion of the person. Thankfully, I think there are some people still in the world who dontbelieve in that view: the real defining quality of a pious Muslim, Christian, or Jew would be to consider the plight of the Palestinians with the same vigor and significance as that of Darfur, where Arabs are the ones doling out the genocide, or anywhere where innocent people are dying for political ends and modes. To me this issue is about politics and bad politics at that- becasue it has painted itself in the garb of religion. For kids in America they have been radicalized by this potent mix of politics and religion and ferveerntly believe stupid shit.
So maybe to close out I would give you my answer to his question, and this is just my personal belief that I have been lucky enough to receive from my elders, who know far more than me about overcoming a society and environment hell bent on “us” v “them,” If you ask me about the violent actions taken by Hamas and thier position that Israel must be eradicated from the earth, thier anti-semitism, and targetting of civilians- I Say I refute them.  But if you ask me about the violent actions taken by Israel against civilians, some of the rhetoric that all arabs must be eradicated from the area, that settlements can be built on land that is the last vestige of any sign of life for average Palestinians- I Refute that as well.  They are both maladjusted to believe that these two groups who lived in harmony for generation upon generation can somehow not coexist as human beings- I Refute That.

All Respects to the Law of Love,



One comment on “Waris Husain Editorial- A Conversation of False Dichotomy

  1. Brittany says:

    Thanks for taking the time to update during your finals 🙂 And I love how you made this an editorial! Nicely put.

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