Day of Departure for Mubarak in Egypt- In Pictures

Egyptian anti-government protesters gathered at Cairo's Tahrir Square - 4 February 2011

Estimates of people at this hour now reach hundreds of thousands, with millions across the country coming out in the streets. Tahrir Square currently has a huge stream of thousands of protestors coming into the square with hundreds of thousands already assembled.

Anti-government protesters pray in Tahrir Square, Cairo - 4 February 2011

Friday prayer and the protests following have largely been peaceful as the military has taken a more active role, and the Pro-Dictatorship  thugs have not been seen as in the past few days.

An Egyptian woman sits among the debris littering Cairo's Tahrir Square - 4 February 2011

There has been running battles between the hired thugs, plain clothes security and police forces who shot at the peaceful protestors, beat them with sticks, knives, and molotov cocktails. These unruly mobs of “Mubarak supporters” have beaten up/ imprisoned/tortured Egyptian bloggers and human rights activists as well as media from around the globe.

Anti-government protesters sleeping in Tahrir Square - 4 February 2011

Many protestors have not left the square in the past 11 days of protests. These are the true champions of Democracy and order that we should be looking to- nothing more nothing less.

Mubarak Out. Power to the Egyptian People.



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