Sovereigns of the Week: My Fallen Egyptian Brothers and Sisters, you are the reason I am here

An interview with Wael Ghonim, Google Executive detained during the January 25 protests, who was recently released from detention. My brother Ghonim wishes no honors or accolades for himself, asserting that this was the people’s movement and he was simply a man behind a keyboard. While I had thought to make him the Sovereign of the Week- I want to represent the true heros of Egypt’s revolution as Mr. Ghonim sees- the martyrs who lost thier life to the crushing hands of the Mubarak security forces.

Thus I have attached part of the interview with Mr. Ghonim commemorating the lost freedom fighters… I apologize to him and others who would rather not show their moments of sorrow. But Mr. Ghonim’s reaction to these murders highlights the importance of the real heroes of Egypt’s struggle and reminds us of the human element that suffers under any revolution when ruthless rulers  disregard the value of human lives.


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