The Sovereign Minds are a collective of people who seek to create a future where humans can fully realize their autonomy. Our aim is revolution in the least apparent but most significant way – revolution of thought.  The world is presented to us as being dichotomous, as good versus bad or black versus white,  however, this denies humans the ability to actualize a more robust and all encompassing society.        

Founding Principles

We believe strongly that our differences serve as our strengths – thus, we respect the sovereignty of each individual mind

We recognize that our respective talents are best utilized when they contribute to our collective humanity.

We seek to create a reality where human progress does not suppress others and destroy Earth.

To promote the acquisition and sharing of knowledge.

To promote the pursuit of passionate purpose when exerting and contributing our energies into the universe

We seek to progress and/or promote a deep caring for humanity and the world around us


The equality and unity of all living things.

That each human being is autonomous – and that is to be cherished, developed, and celebrated.

The existence of false dichotomies in the world creating injustices and false choices that constrict freedom of thought and expression.

The need to create an environment that fosters  the creative thought process through open-minded exchange.


                Some may take our call for significant and profound change in ourselves and the world around us as a call to be destructive.  If we do destroy anything, it is the false dichotomies that divide humanity and hinder the changes that are necessary for a more equitable, just and free world.   The pursuit of freedom and justice remains paramount for the sovereign minds; however that manifests is up for you to define and defend.     


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